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Boat and Bits for Sale
  • Pikanto: No 129. Late model built in Sep-2011 by SAILSetc/Bantock. Blue. RMG 280ES winch. A, B & C rigs (sails and rig all by SAILSetc/Bantock). Comes with rig box, CM yachts Alu stand, batteries, charger, spare deck patches etc… Superb specification, stunning condition with light usage (used once in last 2 ½ years – hence reason for sale!) and a proven swift boat. £900
  • Futaba T6J Tx and Rx: £100
  • Full set of BG sails BG sails (A, B & C). B&C used once, A used <10 times. Blue trim and numbers removed. A: £40 per suit or £110 for all 3.
  • C rig with Housemartin sails from 2008: £75
  • Catsails rig bag (£30), spare (old) wooden boat stand, rig bits, and some other miscellaneous spares etc…

Items based in Southampton and happy to arrange viewings. I would prefer collection although will post at buyers expense and risk.
Please contact Jamie Holmes on +44(0)7974 997716 or jamieholmes@hotmail.com

RC Laser Radio Controlled Model Yacht
Photo1     Photo2     Photo3    Photo4
RC Laser with 3 Sails 2 Masts shore stand and Bag
Was working but has been in storage for some time hence
being advertised for sale
Needs some electrical fault finding to make work
Located in Hamble
£250 ono.
Contact Richard on 07970 727090 or

e-mail   steelrichard@hotmail.com


The following was received from a gentleman in Hill Head

I have decided to ‘sell up’ my model boats as I am becoming too old to get them into the water. I have the following for sale:-

Tug ‘Boy David’: This is a Caldercraft single screw ‘Imara’. It is now electrically driven by a rare earth motor. It comes with receiver, All servos and electronic 30Amp speed controller. It also carries a sound unit to make the vessel sound like a diesel. Everything is In full working order but it comes less its 12v battery. I have planked the deck in teak and she even has cutlery and crockery on the Mess deck table!! I used a Yuasa 9.5Ah battery unit. This model is for sale at £700.00

Sydney Harbour Scow: This is an unfinished project. The hull was originally built by a boatbuilder (673/4” in length) from Moodys yard in the fifties as I was told, by the chap whose garage it was in. It was built by his father but apart from being told that I have no other evidence to that effect.  There was no deck on it and the first thing I did was to deck the boat in teak planks. These are all fitted with wooden dowel as opposed to nails or screws. There is a brass tube for the rudder post,  further tubes for the long keel plus a further brass tube for the mast step and it has a single piece transom stern.  More photos are available for interested parties.

As the hull remains an unfinished project I have it up for sale at £400.00 as it is a true masterpiece of the boat builders art.   

I live in Hill Head and am able to show the boats as and when any of your Club Members want to see either of them. Please email me

In the first instance and if you have any enquiries we can arrange a date/time to view the models.

I also have a large full scale sailing yacht about 5ft. in length with aluminium mast,  sails etc  which requires some work to bring back to full working

order. All sail winches & servos etc are in situ. I would let this model & stand go for about £250.00

Contact Kenneth Cast via e-mail    spckgr@virginmedia.com
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IOM believed to be an 1sa Crown design
Complete with stand, A rig plus radio gear.
Apparently only used once but has been laying around waiting  for use.
£220 o.n.o.
Contact Dorothy Peg on 07779532454
Photo1   Photo2   Photo3   Photo4

A number of boats and kits originally built by Dave Binstead's late Father,
some remain unfinished.
The first one is a 50" model the hull appears in good condition but the deck and cabin will need some work, it has 3 propshafts.
Photo  Photo
The second one is a 50" model and the hull on this one appears to be in good condition too, but the deck and cabin need some work, this one appears to be a steam model as it has a funnel and it has what looks like a small boiler.

Photo   Photo
The next one is a model of the smit Rotterdam tug boat, it has been started but it looks like all the parts are there to finish, it has two hulls one the original  one from the kit and one which my father appears to have made from scratch.

Photo  Photo
The last one is a 1:98 scale model of the HMS Victory, this kit appears to be all there and not started.
Photo  Photo Photo
Please contact Dave Binstead (located in Bitterne)
email 1600ecortina@live.co.uk   or phone 07771630725

V6 DF65 (White hull) in excellent condition
7th at the 2018 Nationals
Rigs - A+, A and B rigs, all the new V6 style, carbon mast crane and new style vang's
Sails - A+ are Cat Sails (Only used at the 2018 Nationals, so two days use)
         - A Rig currently has sails fitted which I made and which were measured "in" for the Nationals. 
There is also the standard set, Vam Sails (Spain) and
a light weight set of Cat Sails, all in good condition.
         - B Rig has got a set of Vam Sails fitted

The whole lot is going up for £225

The boat is based in Lymington where its available to view.  If a transmitter is required,  a brand new Flysky FS-i6 transmitter and receiver (
still boxed and unused) can be supplied with it for an extra £45.

Please contact :
 Paul Davis on   07743090449

Radio or Vane A
FOR SALE  Wooden planked A Class yacht “ET” built with rudders for Radio or Vane A . one suit of sails 
Please email roberto.hobbs@virgin.net for further details and photos.

FOR SALE   Very very good condition Vintage cotton sails for  Marblehead yacht.
Please email roberto.hobbs@virgin.net for further details and photos.

Vane Gear
FOR SALE   Several Vane Gear some Vintage.
Please email roberto.hobbs@virgin.net for further details and photos.