Gosport Model Yacht & Boat Club

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IOM Radio AMultihullRC LaserRG & DFVane AVane 36
By Stephen Ridgway (1)By Nigel BrownBy Gillian Pearson
By Paul Nesbitt65s and 95s by Gillian Pearson
By Gillian Pearson (1)By Martin Tigg - US/UK Challenge
By Stephen Ridgway (2)By Bob McManusBy Gillian Pearson

DF65s by Mark BarkerBy Gillian Pearson (2)Supplied by Jacque Cook US/UK Challenge
By Chris DurantBy Gillian Pearson

DF95by Paul  NesbittBy Jacque CookBy Cassie Wyeth
By Gillian Pearson
By Stephen Ridgway

More DF95 by Paul Nesbitt

By Bill Kenway

RG65 TT Round 5 15/7/17 by
Sue Brown

DF65 & DF95 TT Dartmoor 29/30 July by Sue Brown

DF65 TT Rd 3 23 Mar 19 by Gillian Pearson

DF95 TT Rd 4
24 Mar 19 by
Gillian Pearson

Gosport DF95
TT 24 Mar 19 by Paul Higham

RG65 Nationals
15-16 Sep 19
by Sue Brown

Various classes taken by Sue Brown

Visit by Lee On Solent Sailing Club Cadets

IOM World Champs France 2017 by Sue Brown

Trophy and Award winners at the 2017 Club AGM taken by Martin Tigg

Trophy and Award winners at the 2019 Club AGM

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