Technical - Boom Sliders

Boom sliders can be fiddly, and sometimes painful, to use. The solution lies in your local fishing tackle shop, where a selection of hooks and balls can be purchased for very little money.  Fig. 1 shows how a clip on the end of the mainsheet can help when switching between rigs, whilst the small plastic balls on the slider enable pain-free adjustments along the boom.



Fig 2. shows a clip attached to the clew outhaul. This clip has to be small enough to fit through the outer boom slider before attaching to the inner slider. Also notice that, rather than a line with a bowline at either end, both ends of the the clew outhaul have been passed through the sail eye in opposite directions and finished off with a stopper knot at each end. This makes adjustments smoother, as the knots no longer catch on the boom slider.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2